Saturday, 15 September 2012

Potty Training and Picture Books


Most of you who follow here or over at Read, Write, Blog, will know that OJ is POTTY TRAINING!!! Hurrah!

Picture books are are wonderful tool in aiding young children to achieve their developmental milestones. There are picture books on most (if not all) subjects and events that you can think of or what you and your child(ren) will come across.

So, because OJ  has reached this wonderful milestone of leaving soggy nappies behind (mostly|) I thought it would be apt to post the three books OJ has been particularly enjoying at the moment.

"The potty's the place!" The time has come for the Little Princess to learn how to use the potty, as nappies are YUUECH! She doesn't like it to start with , but soon the potty is fun. Sometimes the Little Princess plays tricks on the potty, and sometimes the potty plays tricks on the Little Princess. (Never fails to make me chuckle!)

The story is light hearted and finds that though the Little Princess is very clever at using the potty, accidents will also happen.

The Little Princess stories by Tony Ross are delightful.

Ever wondered where that pair of pants disappeared to? Well, it's down to the work of aliens  - so keep your peepers peeled!

Aliens love underpants as they have none on their own planet and often pop down to earth to pinch your pants from the line, but they soon disappear when mum comes out to fetch the washing in...

A funny and rhyming picture book.

Big pants, small pants, frilly pig pants... So many wonderful pants!

Simple, funny, rhyming text and laugh out loud pictures. A picture book triumph!

And if that wasn't enough, the next book: More Pants is even more hilarious!

We love this picture book so much (it's how you read'em!) so I couldn't resist sharing this YouTube link with you - Enjoy!

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