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A few Tips on Choosing Books For Your Tot

When selecting books for children, it is important to consider their age and stage of development. A book needs to be suitable to avoid negative experiences such as boredom and frustration. For example, a book that is to long will not hold the attention of a fidgety two year old. Here are some things to consider to get you on your way:
Books to stimulate baby's senses

Choosing Books for Babies:  

  • Choose books that can withstand being chewed! Babies love to explore with their mouths; it tells them a lot about their world.
  • Cloth books that encourage baby to explore are ideal. (See picture example)
  • Help develop baby's sight by choosing books with bold, contrasting colours and patterns. This will train baby's eyes to focus and will hold baby's attention.
  • Board books with simple pictures with everyday items help baby's recognition and memory.
  • Bath books are a great addition to baby's book collection, and chewable!
  • Rhyme books are lovely to share as baby will love to listen to pattern and rhythm in your voice.

Choosing Books for Older Tots

  • Introduce longer picture books
  • Tots love to laugh, choose funny books to share.
  • Books with lots of opportunity to join in with sounds are a favourite with young children. E.g. Animals and vehicles.
  • Lift-the-flap books and other texture/activity books encourage tot to engage in the story as well as developing fine motor movements.
  • Choose books with themes a child can relate to, such as routines and places they visit (shopping, daily routine, going on an outing etc)
  • Choose books with positive imagery. For example, do the images show children from different ethnic backgrounds, ability etc.
  • Choose books around child's favourite things.
  • Books around new experiences can be comforting.
  • Books that have a repetitive word or line can encouage child to join in.
Books around new experiences can be of comfort

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