Welcome to Kiddi Book Corner! Chances are you are here because you are just as passionate about books and sharing them with youngsters as I am.
Whether you have your own children or work with young children; I hope this blog will be of some inspiration/interest.
I started this blog with the following aims in mind:

·         Review children’s picture books on the market
·         Discuss relevant issues around books in early years
·         Suggest and share tips to encourage reading

Reviews and the "bookworm rating"

This little fella is affectionately known as 'Charlie'. I use him to rate the book being reviewed from 1-5 The ratings are as follows:

  1. = Disappointing and wouldn't recommend
  2. = O.K but lacking something
  3. = Basically enjoyable and would recommend confidently
  4. =Very good and kept mum and tot happy
  5. = You have to read this to your little one too! Highly recommended

I am basically reviewing books on the market that me and my "assistant" buy, find at the library, gifted, recommended by others etc.
My assistant is my son and mini bookworm: O.J.
He is two years old and one of his favourite things to do (apart from play with any toy vehicles that he can get his little hands on, run around like a whirlwind or watch his favourite TV programme...) is pick up a book.
Although we enjoy sharing books any time of day or place; our most favourite time has to be just before bed... and it's from his reactions and comments that help me form a review of the book.

Follow the worm...
I hope you enjoy this blog and please do share your own experiences, tips, favourite books you share with your child(ren), in fact; anything that you think may be relevant here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for swinging by!

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