Saturday, 17 March 2012

Ping Pong Pig - Review

Pigs might fly?
Title: Ping Pong Pig
Author: Caroline Jayne Church
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Year: 2008
Found: Borrowed from library

What's It All About?!
All the animals on the farm are very busy with their chores, all but Ping Pong. He is busy with his own thing -trying to fly and unfortunately, being a bit of a nuisance. It's the last straw when Ping Pong undoes all of their hard work with all his leaping about. The animals come up with a solution. A trampoline and instructions to use it in the quiet corner of the field whilst the animals continue with their chores! Ping Pong is so touched by his friends kindness that he decides to put things right...

The illustrations are bold with a cartoon-rounded look, which really make the characters attractive and stand out. This coupled with the simplicity of the story's language, meant OJ 's attention was maintained and he could retell the story with the help of the pictures.
Ping Pong can't resist one last attempt at trying to fly and ends up sending the fish in the pond flying instead - much to the delight of OJ. The story really taps into the humour of a young child (and the adult partaking in the story time!) which I really admire of the author.
I feel this is a story that demonstrates friendship and teamwork. It encourages children to think about helping others.
This book was a real pleasure to share.

"Pigs can't fly mummy!"

Book worm rating:
out of 5!

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