Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rhino's Great Big Itch: Reveiw

Title: Rhino's Great Big Itch!
Author: Natalie Chivers
Publisher: Little Tiger Press
Year: 2010
Found: Borrowed from library

What's It All About?!
Poor rhino has an itch that he just can't reach... it's right in his ear.Bird offers to help but rhino can't believe that someone so small can do the job and rushes off to find someone to help...

What stands out immediately are the beautiful and clear illustrations. the story is wonderfully simple and to the point.

The simplicity of the story will easily maintain a child's attention and I would suggest that children of around two and up will enjoy this story.

It encourages a child to understand that even the most of unlikely of helpers may be the most successful - Little things can do big things perhaps?!

I would recommend this as a story for bed time/carpet time in a young child care setting.

Because it was so simple, OJ wanted this story again and again. It wasn't long before he was joining in and could tell me what was going to happen next.

Book worm rating:
 out of 5!

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