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Toot Toot Beep Beep : Review

Look at all this traffic...
Title: Toot Toot Beep Beep
Author/Illustrator: Emma Garcia
First Published: Boxer Books Ltd 2008
This Edition: Boxer Books Ltd 2009
Found: Borrowed from library

What's it all about?

Look at all this traffic!
There's a lot of it and boy is it noisy!

"The cars go up and down, in and out and round and round all day long"

Each vehicle is in a rush and makes it's own sound. But when the day is done, all is very quiet. Where have all the cars gone?!

It only seems right to review this book as OJ has insisted upon borrowing it three times already. In fact, I am going to get him his own copy... On with the review!

I have to be careful how I word /explain this but this is definitely a book for little boys. This is not to say that little lasses won't enjoy this too; but it really covers some key points when encouraging boys to sit down with a book.
The story is short, snappy and enjoyable. It maintains the attention span of young children. The language is simple yet descriptive, which encourages speech and language development

There are a lot of noisy words to copy and imitate, which encourages a child's participation in the story. It has some repetitive structure; such as: "the *insert vehicle* goes *insert sound*" which also encourages a child's participation as they soon work out how the next line of the story will read.

The illustrations are bold, bright and captivating. They remind me of child-like paintings with big cartoon eyes which gives each vehicle character.

For me; I personally enjoyed sharing this book with OJ. Its fun to read aloud, short enough for bedtime and a pure joy as OJ is so enthusiastic about it.
There is a basic story in amongst the sounds and it is easy for a young child to follow and understand.

I feel that the author demonstrates a great understanding of what works with very young children. I would definitely recommend this for all little ones; especially ones who, like OJ, have a slight obsession with vehicles... 

OJ loves this book. We can spend ages looking at the pictures and he will always ask to read it again.. and again... and again.. and.. you get the picture!
He participates in the story, talking about the colours, sounds and repeating each type of vehicle. He always finds the big green camper van at the beginning of the book. 
The story is also appearing in his play. The other day, he lined up all his vehicles across the living room floor and then declared; "Look at all this traffic!"

"Can we read Toot Toot Beep Beep now mum-mum?"

Book worm rating:
 out of 5 (An early years essential)

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