Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hugless Douglas : Review

Title: Hugless Dougless
Author/Illustrator: David Melling
First Published: Hodder Children's Books 2010
This Edition: Hodder Children's Books 2010
Found: Borrowed from library

What's it all about?
In a deep, dark cave, a brown bear named Douglas wakes up and decides he needs a hug. So he gets out of his pyjamas, brushes his hair, puts on his scarf and goes in search of one.
He tries everything, but the hugs just don't seem right somehow. He also seems to annoy a lotof the other inhabitants in the process...

It turns out the best kind of hugs are the ones much closer to home in the arms of the person he loves most!

The story is simple, with a lovely message about the best kind of hugs coming from the ones we know and love the most.
The story is full of descriptive/positional language that will develop a young child's understanding and vocabulary. This includes words such as big, heavy, tall, bottom, middle etc.

The story itself is amusing, but what makes it hilarious and a pleasure to read aloud, are the pictures. It kept me giggling. I absolutely love Melling's artwork.
Douglas has so much expression and the situations the pictures portray are quirky and a lot of fun.

For example, Douglas tries to hug a bush that looks cosy, but it runs away! There are legs sticking out of the bottom with lots of pairs of eyes within the leaves. It's Douglas's outstretched arms and dumb-struck expression that makes me giggle. There is also a picture where Douglas has his arm down a rabbit hole, which "He felt something long-eared and rabbity and gave it a tug..."
There is just so much that could be discussed with a youngster in the pages.

Over all, it's a lovely story accompanied by some wonderfully funny illustrations.

OJ really enjoys the story, especially the last page with all the illustrations of various hugs. He  demands that we go through them all at least twice...

Book worm rating:
out of 5!

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