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Scruffy Bear And The Six White Mice : Review

A very quick-thinking bear
Title: Scruffy Bear And The Six White Mice
Author/Illustrator: Chris Wormell
First Published: Jonathan Cape 2011
This Edition: Red Fox 2012
Found: Borrowed from library

What's It All About?!
Scruffy bear does not like the look of the gloomy woods, but when he hears the frightened squeaks of some little animals, he just has to see what the matter is.
He discovers six, frightened mice who fear they will be gobbled up by other creatures in the wood.
Scruffy bear decides to help.

They come across an owl, fox and a snake who are all on the look out for mice. Each time, Scruffy Bear tells the mice to curl up and tuck in their tells to fool the animals. Their is a close shave when one mouse forgets to tuck in their tail, but quick thinking Scruffy Bear finds an explanation.

It's not until the end of the book when the three predators realise that they have been fooled, but is it too late?!

What really does strike you when you read this to your little one, are the beautiful illustrations. The characters are so cute and drawn so well, giving them life and expression.. The scenery really give the characters a home too.

There is a beautiful double page, illustrating the faces of the snake, fox and owl at the point where they stop to realise that they have been fooled and the six white balls were actually mice. It is absolutely fantastic.

I felt the story was rather clever and imaginative. It was simple to follow and really engaged OJ's interest and he really wanted the mice to get away.

I thought it was creative how each time they bumped into an animal, Scruffy Bear had to come up with an explanation for the six white "balls". 

A clever story but kept simple and easy to follow. Children will want to find out what happens to the mice and if they make their escape.

OJ loves the part of the story where the animals realise that they have been tricked and can retell parts of the story especially the following:

"...and then the snake said, moon apples? That's ridiculoussssssssssss!"

Book worm rating:
 out of 5!

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